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Tesla Coil Lighter Review

When you think of a lighter, usually products from Zippo and Bic brands flash in your mind. Of course, those all use a liquid fuel that either needs to be replenished, or you just have to buy a new lighter. It would be nice if we could just plug our lighter in instead of using butane, but if there’s not enough reason for us to do so, we’ll likely stay with the same ole ball and chain since we’re used to it.

While picking out pretty colors or designs is fun, why not get a lighter that looks as awesome as what it can do? This Tesla Coil Lighter is not only rechargeable, but uses an arc of electricity to spark a flame. It measures 3×1.75×0.5”, so it’s not going to take up much more room than you’re already accustomed to, and you’ll only ever need to plug it in via USB to keep it working. It is an electronic gizmo, so it does still have a lifespan, but it will last for years rather than months or weeks like normal lighters would.

Clicking the button is all that’s needed to get an arc, and a full charge should give you 100-300 uses. Not only would this be awesome to use, but it has a gunmetal and matte black finish that makes it look like something a spy would be toting in their gear. This is only going to cost you $24.95, and is going to give you both an air of mystery and at least 5 extra cool points.

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