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Shadow X Lighter Review

The Shadow X Lighter from Shadowhawk Tactical is an electric lighter that utilizes an eco-friendly, butane-free, non-toxic flameless and fluidless dual beam light that is 100% USB rechargeable.

For some, this may already sound like a godsend. Let’s properly review the wind and water proof Shadow X Lighter (Inferno Lighter) to see if this is the right fit for you.

There are certain tactical things everybody needs to make it through life. These strategically-advanced handy objects and devices make life easier, giving users the help they need to get through their days with more ease. Some of the most obvious examples of these types of objects are things like phones, wallets, purses, and keychains. However, there are a few objects that many people want to carry with them on a daily basis, but don’t due to the hassle. One of these objects is the fluidless and flameless tactical lighter. Much like the rise in extreme popularity of tactical flashlights, these electric lighters are growing in demand due to their versatility and healthy conscious alternative.

Lighters are some of the most convenient devices for people to carry around with them where ever they go. And lighters aren’t just for smokers, either. People never know when they’re going to need access to the flame that these nifty little devices offer.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to most of the lighters available for purchase on the market today. First, when they run out of fuel, they have to be completely replaced, which can cost quite a bit of money. Secondly, the fuel in most of these lighters is very unsafe, causing several health concerns. And finally, they tend to be fragile, making it scary to carry one in a bag or pocket.

For those who want to carry a lighter with them on a daily basis, but are tired of the inconvenience of more conventional lighters, there’s an easy solution. The Shadow X Lighter is a new lighter being sold on select websites today. Because it doesn’t use fuel like other lighters, the Shadow X Lighter doesn’t need to be replaced and has no harmful effects on user’s health. And, the Shadow X Lighter is one of the sleekest, modern looking lighters available today.


What is the Shadow X Lighter?

Shadowhawk Tactical’s Shadow X Lighter is a lighter that was made and designed by a team of engineers. This group of experts wanted to make a lighter that didn’t require fuel like typical lighters, but was also extremely durable.

To do this, they had to create a device that worked by using a battery that could be charged in a short amount of time.

The result of all this research and effort was the Shadow X Lighter. This lighter is made with a zinc allow, so it’s lighter, but more durable than typical lighters. It is also taller and thinner than previous versions of the Shadow lighter.

The Shadow X Lighter has a wider lighting surface, which allows it to spark almost everything. The items the Shadow X Lighter can light include cigars, candles, incense, and hemp wicks. By providing a wider lighting space, the Shadow X Lighter has become a device that appeals to a wide range of customers, not just those who smoke.

In addition to having a new, sleek design, the Shadow X Lighter can also work in the most extreme conditions. Whether it’s windy or raining, this lighter will still be able to do its job. This amazing durability has made the Shadow X Lighter one of the most powerful lighters available on the market today.

The Dangers of Butane

The biggest benefit about the Shadow X Lighter is that it doesn’t use butane to create a flame needed to light objects. Because the Shadow X Lighter uses a battery charge, it doesn’t need to use this dangerous fuel source.

Butane is a highly flammable, colorless, and odorless gas. While it is most frequently used in lighters, it can also be found in portable stoves, aerosols, and other manufacturing products. While its uses are numerous and well accepted, butane is actually considered one of the most dangerous and volatile gases to inhale.

There are several horrific results that can occur when butane is inhaled, which is something that happens often to those who are constantly using a lighter near their face. For one, butane causes something called Sudden Sniffing Death. When a person has become sensitized to butane, their heart go into arrest when their adrenalin increases or they exercise. This can cause a heart attack or cardiac arrhythmia. A vast majority of volatile substance related deaths have been linked to butane.

Sudden Sniffing Death is not the only problem butane can cause on the body. If butane is accidentally sprayed in the mouth, it can make the larynx spasm, which could lead to suffocation. Butane can also cause depression, choking, or unconsciousness.

These terrifying correlations with butane and health conditions are some of the reasons the Shadow X Lighter was created. In order to protect those who use lighters on a regular basis, the Shadow X Lighter was made without butane gas, so users could trust that they’re safe no matter how much they use the lighter.

Benefits of the Shadow X Lighter

While many benefits of this amazing lighter have been mentioned above, there are a few that are worth mentioning.

For one, the Shadow X Lighter uses a battery to create a spark for lighting items. This battery has a lengthy cycle, but when it does die out, it can be charged by USB port. Charging the Shadow X Lighter is not a hassle at all, since it can charge in a short amount of time.

In addition to having a fast charging time, the Shadow X Lighter has a much better body than its previous incarnations. For one, it is lighter and thinner than these previous models, making it look more modern. Not only is it more sleek, but the lighter is also made with a zinc alloy, making it extremely tough and able to put up with a lot of wear and tear.

The versatility of the Shadow X Lighter is one of the best things about the lighter. While lighting cigarettes is great, to be a truly versatile lighter, the Shadow X Lighter needed to be able to light a wide range of objects. The new design of this model allows it to light almost anything, from candles and incense to cigars. This ease of use make it the perfect option for those wanting a quick and easy to use lighting solution.

Finally, the Shadow X Lighter is very resilient. It can light objects in even the windiest conditions. And, the lighter can be submerged completely in water and it will still work. This allows the lighter to be used in rainy or snowy weather, when a properly working lighter can be of vital importance.

Purchasing the Shadow X Lighter

The Shadow X Lighter is available for purchase on the Shadow Hawk Tactical website ( While the Shadow X Lighter typically costs about $224, it is now on sale for a huge discount. And, for those who want to purchase more than one lighter, there are additional discounts available.

In addition to these amazing discounts, the Shadow X Lighter is also being offered with free shipping.

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