Double Electrical Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable

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Excellent Product. Well made, solid. Lights every time, and is totally windproof. Beautiful and very functional lighter. Comes with a brush to periodically brush out any ash remnants.  Just plug it in over night about every three days. You Can’t imagine a more functional lighter. No fire, no flints, no fuel or fuel smell, no leak in my pocket. It’s even a great conversation piece. Get one, you’ll love it.

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The lighter can produce electric spark without electric shock hazard to the human body.
ToBeter pulse arc lighter could lit a cigarette easily.
ToBeter USB charging electronic windproof arc lighter uses clear and low-carbon electricity instead of traditional butane gas and oil.
ToBeter lighter is rechargeable and ignite cigarette without any poisonous gas.

  • PERFECT AFTER-SALE PROTECTION: Please ensure the packaging is properly intact before signing. If there is any damage of the commodity,please contact with us for a replacement, This item has 12 months warranty. For help, please contact us.
  • Rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, no hassle
  • No gas required, no fluid required, environmental, energy-saving
  • Safe and easy to use, lights at the click of a button
  • Simply charge up via USB, The LED indicator will be on when charging

Please Note:

1. Please do not put the lighter into water or other liquid, otherwise the lighter will get short circuit.
2. When finishing charge (usually 2 hours), please do not still connect with power supply, otherwise FORHU lighter will damage the life time of battery.
3. The temperature around the electric arc will reach 400 degrees, please do not touch it.
4. When the dosage of the battery is running out, the LED indicator turns red, please charge immediately in order to prolong the life time of the battery.

2 reviews for Double Electrical Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable

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